The Jewish life is marked by events whose importance lies in its meaning linked to religious tradition and community existence with jewish people. The rites of the ceremonies performed to distinguish the episodes of the life cycle reflect many of the central aspects of Judaism: the relation between the people of Israel and the Creator, the community and individual positions and responsibilities that persons assumes in their lives, the relation with past and future generations and with their community...

These ceremonies have as one of their primary goals, the transfer of an episode from the scope of the individual to the scope of the collective, where it acquires greater transcendence and meaning.

Each one of these events allow us to focus in our connection with God, with the jewish people, with their history and traditions. They link us with the invisible presences of those who preceded us and those who will be the next generation of the community. It connect us with the beliefs that we consider lasting and profound; It foster our individual and family identity, but above all, our belonging to a group. It link us to the Jewish past and commit us to the future, with the continuity of the Israel people.

Here´s some of the most important rituals for the Jewish people

Brit Milá

The Brit Milah, which means "the covenant of circumcision", refers to the ritual of circumcision, practiced by a Jewish men on the eighth day after their birth. This act represents the covenant made between God and Abraham.

Today, the rite is performed by a mohel, "circumciser". He doesn´t need to be a doctor or rabbi , but a person who respects basic laws and beliefs such as Shabbat and eating kosher.

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Bar Mitzvah

Although it is not something established in the Torah, Bar Mitzvah is one of the most important rites in the life of Jewish men.

Children reach religious maturity and become responsible for complying with the Torah commandments at age 13. A girl assumes the same responsibility a year before, at the age of 12, because girls mature earlier. At this age, young people, men and women have acquired an intellectual maturity to discern between good and evil and modify their behavior according to this.

This occasion is a reason for great celebration and gratitude to God and, therefore, the Bar or Bat Mitzvah is celebrated with a great ceremony. Nonetheless, a kid becomes a bar mitzvah automatically when it turns 13. Celebration is not necessary.


In Judaism, from the moment we are born we are destined for marriage. Therefore, marriage is an event of great joy that represents the concretion of an objective and the reception of a Divine blessing.

The Jewish wedding traditions are full of symbology and meanings during the whole ceremony. In a Jewish wedding, the couple is completed and complemented. It returns to its natural state, to that triangle composed of two human beings and their Creator. The Jewish wedding ceremony ends With shouts of "Mazel Tov", that means "Good luck".

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